Poop Day

Today we endured a different torrent here in the Husband Hausfrau household. Das Big Boy has been struck by a (mercifully mild) intestinal bug. Just a couple of incidents this morning and some discomfort tonight, but all in all I have my fingers crossed that this is a short-lived episode.

Of course, it couldn’t happen on one of our myriad snow days. I love keeping him home for cancelled school and holidays, but I hate feeling like he’s missing out on school (I know. It’s preschool. I need to get over it.). But tomorrow he’ll missing Dancing with Jimmy, a special class (which surely has another name, but this is what DBB calls it) with a guest musician/child hootenanny producer, which DBB loves. A small bummer, but a bummer still. No pun intended.

Fingers crossed he’s better for our big date on Saturday!!

But I say, when life hands you diarrhea, make water play!

(Easier when only one of your kids is sick, and he’s 100% potty trained. Remember last year?)



Not what any of you requested for my last week of posts, but to be fair, I didn’t ask for it either.


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