One Week

Yup. There’s just one week left in this insaneoplatz (that’s a trademarked Husband Hausfrau family words for something completely crazy–please feel free to use it. We really like inventing words in this family) experiment of daily blogging. So I’ve been at it 107 days, with 7 to go. And much like the NICU, it’s been unending, but it’s hard to believe it’s over. Like in the NICU, much has changed during this time, even when it felt like a slog. Three of the four of us had birthdays. One of us learned to talk in paragraphs and poop in the potty. One of us learned to walk on a tall balance beam, and read his first new book aloud (with almost no help) to his elated mama. One of us is killing it at work. And one of us blogged. A lot.
There’s been a lot of fun, a lot of hassle, a bit of struggle, and a lot of joy. And so much love. Between us. From you. With our friends. With our families (shout out to the beloved Gigi and Papa, moral support/babysitters extraordinaire, who make so many things possible.) We’ve heard magical news, and tales of woe. We’ve seen many of our favorite people (like a wonderful visit from Auntie Nini tonight–such fun seeing the kids light up around her!), and missed others whom we hope to see soon.

So, you have my consistent presence for one more week. Anything you want me to write about? Now’s your chance.
Let me know.
And I promise to keep blogging once the 114 days are over. But not daily. No one wants that.

I’m all ears: requests welcome.


One Comment on “One Week”

  1. Andrea M says:

    What has been the most surprising thing after discharge from the NICU?

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