Snow Day, Part II

As you’ll see, we repeated some of yesterday’s favorite activities (hot chocolate and red wine drinking, reading, playing in the ball pit), but also added some new favorites (sledding), and some other activities from the list (puzzles, forts). Another favorite game of the moment involves using the the snake puppet to chase the children, having it pretend to eat them, then wrapping the children in a blanket and squishing them to mimic digestion, and then rescuing them by cutting them out of the snake. Rather visceral, and for whatever reason, incredibly amusing.


Here is the fort. The children mostly wanted to crush it, and then get upset when it was crushed. I liked hanging out in there, though.


Puzzle time!


Our first time sledding ever (as a family)! It was a huge hit. Das Big Boy was very into negotiating for more runs. He was less into walking up the hill.


And we’re off!


My three favorites sledding together. Less successful: getting them up the hill. They kept tipping out, but when Herr Husband insisted that Das Big Boy walk, he got up and promptly ran back down the whole hill, such that Herr Husband and Little Liebchen had to sled after him, and then Herr Husband had to drag the two of them up again. I stood at the top and laughed. But I was laughing with them, not at them.


Mouse paint.


The children now have it in their heads that whenever we do mouse paint, they get to eat ice cream because I like to pair messy, pre-bath activities. This meant they got ice cream 45 minutes before dinner. But given that they’re both underweight, I decided it was ok.


Ice cream goatee.


These are the books we read today (I think I’ll start doing this every day, not to post, but to remember). But we did watch our George and Martha and a bit of Sesame Street. I downloaded the George and Martha HBO show (available on Amazon or iTunes), and it is hilarious and awesome. The stories are so short and simple that they form the basis for episodes with more expanded plots, but the show is incredibly tonally and visually faithful to the books. Maurice Sendak, who was a dear friend of James Marshall’s, produced it. If your kid likes the books, I recommend it. I enjoy it for sure.

No school tomorrow, either (early release, so no afternoon programs). Yet another fun and free day for me and the kiddos–hopefully we’ll continue on our hot streak of not driving each other crazy. And tomorrow, we’ll get out of the house for real. I actually had fun being cooped up with them, although my house is absolutely terrifying. My skill/fun level as a mom is inversely proportional to my housekeeping output. I’ve been pretty fun and good these past few days on the maternal front, so my house looks like shit. Ah, well. Better than the opposite. Hope at least something is going right for you all as well, and that you can take solace in it, whatever it may be.


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