Fingers Crossed…

Das Big Boy didn’t cry at drop-off today or during the rest of school. Yahoo! Not sure if it was because we played school anxiety with dollies over breakfast, or if he was just in a better mood, but I can’t tell you how relieved I am. His stories from school were decidedly amusing as well. They had music today, and they sang a “Hello Song, ” but didn’t play drums. A woman named Nancy brought a toy dog named Bobo who was black with four feet and read them a book. I have no idea if the latter story is a total fabrication, or a strange tale about the school nurse (named Nancy). Maybe she came to do a puppeted presentation on hand hygiene? Who knows. He also took a walk to get the mail (with all of his teachers–who, I ask, was manning the classroom?), and drew a picture. Sounds like a pretty great day to me.

This person is refusing to nap in this photo.

This photo shows a child actively refusing to nap.

Someone else enjoyed the time while Das Big Boy was away at school as well. Little Liebchen has taken to refusing her afternoon nap (and it was never that awesome a nap anyway) about 40% of the time. Das Big Boy gave up his nap right at two, and I was really, really hoping his sister wouldn’t pull the same stunt. She’s not so much up for playing quietly in her crib, either. She likes to hurl everything out and jump up and down and hoot and holler. And then if you go to retrieve her, she says, “I wake up,” which is not true because she hasn’t slept. But this petty distinction is wholly unimportant to her, as she blatantly lied to the cashier at Trader Joe’s today and told her, “I taked a nap. I wake up,” as I was explaining that her cuteness was temporary because she’d forgone her nap and that this evening she would be totally unreasonable. I was right. Duh.

But she is very cute and if she skips her nap I can do things like go to Trader Joe’s with one child instead of two. So it can be hard to force the nap issue. Is anyone surprised that she only takes one if she feels like it? Am I letting the monkeys run the zoo?


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