We made sock puppets today. It made us all happy.

We made sock puppets today. It made us all happy.

Little Liebchen’s actual name ends (roughly) in an “ya” sound. Often we just call her by a nickname that ends with a Y sound. Approximately ninety-three percent of you know us and therefore know her name for real, but I like to at least try to shield their anonymity.

She has now taken to calling Herr Husband and me “Daddya” and “Mommya.” It’s adorable, but also sad when it’s in its current context of hollering, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommya, come back,” from her crib.

Today we learned that Superlalala has a cat named Clydie (just like our cat!) only her cat is black. (Ours is white with some black markings.) Superlalala and Duperlalala also had Little Liebchen over for a playdate recently, because LL informed me “I had fun on my date.” When I asked her about it, she said it was with Super and Duper, and that Duper was the girl. When I said, “I thought Duper was the mommy,” LL told me, “Go upstairs.” She does NOT want plot holes in her little world exposed. Point taken.

Later, after it had been made clear that, yes, Super is the child and Duper is the mommy, I learned that while Little Super sleeps in a bed, her mother sleeps in a crib. I’m really excited to psychoanalyze each and every detail I glean about my child’s fantasy world, btw. Because that’s the kind of mom I am. (Also, I am really good at dream analysis if you want me to analyze your dreams).

When did this blog turn into a cataloging of my daughter’s imaginary friend’s activities? I need some new material.

Here is some material: I need to stop banking on the lie-in. My children seem interested in sleeping in during the week when we have places to be, but on weekends after I’ve allowed them to stay up until 10:30 (oops!), they are totally unafraid to wake up at 7:30. Ugh. Really hoping Das Big Boy does some sleep catch-up tonight, because I want this week at school to be a good one. He cried at drop-off three of the four days last week (which he hasn’t done since starting school), and on Friday I almost had to go get him because he was so upset. They thought maybe he wasn’t feeling well, but I think it’s transitioning back to school after super family fun over vacation (and then he was sick the week after vacay–did I tell you he fell asleep at school!?), so he hadn’t really gotten back into the routine of it.

After I dropped him off on Friday, I cried, too. I can’t stand seeing him so sad. And he says things like, “You love me, right Mommy? You’ll come back? You’ll be back soon. It’s almost 3:10, etc, etc,” until I am heartbroken. And I try to cheer him up and get him excited about stuff he loves and promise to come back. But it’s just hard seeing my little dude bummed. Any parent or child strategies for managing the school blues appreciated. But only ones for sensitive souls. We are not a suck it up family.

In further unrelated news: I also tried to do a little Martin Luther King, Jr. educating today. In super-simple terms. I think Das Big Boy may have been introduced to Dr. King at school. And I tried to find a book, but they all seemed a bit challenging. Although there is a lovely illustrated children’s book of the “I have a dream” speech that I think I’ll get for next year.


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