Here is a compendium of adorableness from our house today:

1) Little Liebchen calls lollipops habahops. And she likes to look at the habahop picture in The Little Engine that Could.

2) Das Big Boy interrupted our guided meditation tonight (something awesome he and I do after the rest of our bedtime routine. It really helps him settle down) to kiss me like a million times.

3. One of Little Liebchen’s favorite things to say is “Superlalala.” Or, “Sing superlalala, Mommy.” The rest of us don’t really know what Superlalala is, but it brings her such joy.

4. Das Big Boy has been humoring Little Liebchen’s new obsession with tea parties by frosting and serving cake. And spilling his tea. A lot. All of these things are pretend.

5. The favorite game in our house right now involves Herr Husband chasing our children around with an oven mitt, named Mitten (you can tell the writer in the family didn’t have a role in naming this one).

6. The whole way home from “school” (the mom and me class we take) today, Little Liebchen said “I tell [Das Big Boy] about school. I sing ‘Hello, Hello.’ I sing bus. I do jumpy jumpy on the trampoline. I do parachute.” And she said her teacher’s name for the first time today: “Miss Elizabeth,” which comes out, “Mishdabibabeh.”

7. This.

Das Big Boy, pretending to be Sir Topham Hatt.

Das Big Boy, pretending to be Sir Topham Hatt.

Sir Topham Butt.

Sir Topham Butt.


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