A Bit Bummed

It’s the last night of family staycation. All activities, work, schooling, etc. have been in remission since December 23. So reentering the world of work travel, wake-ups, and carpooling all over creation is depressing. There are far more acute tragedies, of course, but I’ve loved having family down time and I’m sad to see it end. I know some people can’t wait for kids to go back to school, but I love being home with all of my peeps, and everyone is MUCH more mellow when we don’t have a zillion places where we need to be.

But I’m going to try to bring a bit of that vacation mellow forward, since I think the tone around here often starts with me, so if I can be a bit more patient and cheerful, it will inspire a bit more calm from the littles. We shall see.

And if I feel myself descending into crabbytown, I’ll look at this:

happy babies

How could I ever be annoyed at people this cute?


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