Pretend Play


Don’t worry, she’s drinking coffee. But she is in fact on her way to the wine store to purchase “purple wine.”

Currently, Little Liebchen’s favorite game is to put her baby doll in the stroller, grab a purse, and announce, “I go shop at da wine stoh.”  This is clearly evidence of my superior parenting. Mom of the year 2015 has already been determined. Sorry, everyone else, you can just go home.

And Das Big Boy likes to pretend that our oven mitt is an animal of some sort that’s out to get him. Or that he’s George (of George and Martha) baking a cake for Martha with an out of control mixer. Both of these games involve a lot of running and hooting.

Arrested Development beckons.

Hope your evening is a hoot as well!


One Comment on “Pretend Play”

  1. Oh the funny things our children say when they repeat our innocuous phrases. 🙂 You ARE a good mom!!

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