Good News, Bad News

The good news is, we went to the pediatrician today and no one has anything serious, even though Das Big Boy keeps spiking a high fever.

The bad news is our lazy day led to a late afternoon nap for Little Liebchen and now she refuses to go in her crib. Full blown apoplexy.

So she’s snuggling with me on the pull-out and about to get her first dose of Arrested Development.


I used to have a theory that whatever you did on New Year’s predicted your life for the year ahead. This came true when we spent a NYD at the vet with a very sick cat and then spent four months in the hospital with a badly pregnant me and then a super sick DBB.

This bodes medium for the year ahead. I had social time with dear
former teachers this morning, and a trip to the pediatrician, and kids who are sick but ok, and lots of lazy parenting.

Could be better as a prognostication, could be worse. And I’ve learned to accept that as just dandy.

Happy 2015 again to you and yours!




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