Motivational Snails and Other Brief Reports

We’re on serious family time around here: no commitments, no work until January 5. And hence my blog motivation is lagging because there’s just so much to be enjoyed. So three quick things.

IMG_20751) I was planning to start potty teaching Little Liebchen today. Yes, she’s not even two, but the motivation is there. She pretty much exclusively poops in the potty now, and I think she could control her pee, too, if she had a couple of nudey-rush-to-the-toilet-when-we-see-her-peeing days. Vacation time seems like the right time to do it because we have man-to-man coverage and are more likely to spot emerging pees. The problem? LL doesn’t want to be naked. She wants to wear her new outfits from Christmas. And because she can put her own pants on, this is thus far an unwinnable battle.

2. I got Herr Husband Amazon Fire TV for Christmas, largely because I was tempted by the fact that we could stream Arrested Development for free as Prime members. I rewatch this show on an annual basis, and this lifestyle change is going to decimate my blogging motivation.


The active snail is the yellow one (bottom right). The blue snail is perched outside of Rainbow Fish’s window in the lighthouse, perhaps to motivate or harass him. It should be noted that RF has been hiding in that lighthouse since before the snails came into his life.

3. Rainbow Fish is still alive. He seems rather sickly, however, so we got him a Christmas present of two motivational snails. But this attempt could backfire, as I imagine one feels rather crappy about oneself when one’s motivational snails are more active than oneself. Which our snails definitely are. One of them may be more active than I am. In any event, we have yet to name them, but we are now a family of eight, I suppose: Two large humans, two small humans, a cat, a fish, and two snails.


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