Festival of Lights Done Not-Quite-Right

As you’ll recall, the Husband Hausfraus are not what one would call a “household of faith.” But we do like our holidays, and I like to make a tiny effort at educating the children in the ways of their Jewish ancestors. This year we had a mini-Seder at Passover, an offering of apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah, no mention of Yom Kippur (oops–but atoning seems hard for wee ones), and an awesome Sukkot thanks to our neighbors. Every year we make a never-quite-enough effort at lighting the Hanukkah candles as I read transliterated prayers from my iPhone. Last year we may have managed four nights. So far this year we’re one for four.

We give some Hanukkah presents–this year mostly books about children of color (see my Ferguson post for why)–and tomorrow we’ll have latkes. But so far, here are my children’s impressions of Hanukkah:

Looks like I have some more teaching to do.

Now Herr Husband and I are going to watch Pee Wee’s Christmas Special, if we can find it. If you can find it anywhere you should watch it. It is nothing short of a hilarious and bizarre postmodern holiday wonder.

Hanukkah. We might be doing it wrong. But we’re celebrating the miracles of the season and our funny, happy little family, so we’re doing some stuff right, too.


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