Cryptic and Quick

Love looks like this. Smiley and cuddly and a little blurry.

Love looks like this. Smiley and cuddly and a little blurry.

I have an important meeting (professional, not child-related) tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. Those of you who know our family know that this is usually the earliest I wake up, so it could be a challenge. For now, I’m going to be secretive about its nature.

Because of the ungodly wake-up, tonight’s post will be short and sweet:

1. We’re watching Frosty AGAIN! It’s become quite the hit around here, and we’ve taken to watching something during nebulizer time in the evenings. Every time the Frosty song comes on (which is a lot, unsurprisingly), Little Liebchen gets up to do a dance. It’s adorable.

2. I am elated over the Cuba news. Can’t wait to see what it means for my many friends, Cuban and American, who are passionate about bridging the gap between our countries. For those of you who are excited to go–yay! I hope you do! I will be jealous. It is an amazing place. Not because of cigars, or old cars, or rum (two of which are delightful and one of which is gross). But because the people are warm and welcoming and passionate about sharing their culture. And the music and dancing are incredible. A beautiful place. Yay, Obama!

3. I met with the folks at Das Big Boy’s school today. We all agree he’s really happy, and everyone is pleased with his progress. We also strategized ways to get him more engaged and attentive when he’s not into the task at hand. We were talking about his fine motor skills and his teacher mentioned that he wanted to increase the strength and force with which DBB writes. “His lines are so faint it’s like an angel wrote them,” he said.

“Perfect,” I said. “That’s my take-away. Das Big Boy is an angel.”

That can be your take-away, too.


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