Sick Day

Holiday card outtake: no pictures!

Holiday card outtake: no pictures! Or, he’s sneezing.

Yes, that adorable little dude from yesterday’s giggle video spent the night coughing. Coughing hard enough to vomit in his bed. Twice. Coughing hard enough that I monitored his saturations (which were slightly saggy but fine) and slept in his bed for a while. Coughing hard enough that his eyes have a permanent watery look today.

Today Das Big Boy, Little Liebchen, and I hung out on the pull out couch in the TV room and read books and watched Christmas movies. It was sad that he was sick, but it was also an awesome day. It’s unusual that he’ll sit still for long stretches of time, but his illness fatigue turned him into a lazy cuddlemouse and I kind of loved it. Both kids enjoyed some jumping on the bed. And we did lots of good snuggling. I put no pressure on us to get stuff done, be it school or a craft project or an educational game or eating a certain food. We just hung out. It was fantastic.

Yes, she's dancing to Thomas again.

Yes, she’s dropping it as if it were hot to Thomas again.

This evening, we went to the pediatrician, where this illness was deemed to be one of those viruses that gets him a little croupy and hits him a little harder. ‘Roids it is! And yes, if you’re wondering, ‘roids have historically made him seem meth addled. Tonight he’s tired enough that it shouldn’t matter (though his cough is still going strong, too), but we’ll see how the next few days go. Last time he was on steroids we gave up and let him play in his room until he fell asleep. In his closet. With all the lights on. At like midnight.

May you all sleep snug in your beds, dear readers, (rather than your closets). I’ll keep you posted on the health of the Husband Hausfraus.


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