Nanny (Sunshine) and Child and Eternally Grateful Family Reunion


We really did have this much fun. And it wasn’t the Shiraz.

Today we received our best holiday gift yet: a visit from Nanny Sunshine. You may remember her as the former student/goddess who kept our lives in order while my cervix and the rest of me lazed about. I remember her as one of my favorite people in the universe. And yes, she’s as luminous as ever. Wise and warm and kind.

And it was even better than when she took care of us, because we could gab and drink sparkling Shiraz and eat cheese without assessing it for pasteurization.


I am having a great time. Still not the Shiraz, I swear.

She hadn’t seen Das Big Boy in fourteen months, and yet he was still so deeply happy to see her, which did my heart good as we know he can be a bit on the shy side. And although Little Liebchen was initially mistrustful (she thinks all women are here to babysit, and her instincts about NS weren’t entirely wrong given NS’s former role in our life), she quickly warmed up to her in a way I’ve seen her fall in love with few people. Either she remembers Nanny Sunshine’s voice from in utero, or she’s an excellent judge of character. Maybe both.

Seriously, you two? Control the cuteness. LOVE.

Seriously, you two? Control the cuteness. LOVE.

So it was a full heart sort of day, which ended with a trip to Target where the children behaved quite well and were each allowed to pick out a toy for Toys for Tots. Das Big Boy is still very into the concept of giving things to “kids who don’t have any toys.” Let us hope he retains this spirit of generosity throughout his life.

May your homes be filled with the extra love this season can bring, as ours was today. And if you have a little extra love to give, Jess’s family could still use our help. Her sister Laura was kind enough to comment here. Please continue to send her all of your good thoughts, love, prayers, white light, positive energy, or whatever it is that you deal in. And thank you to all of you who have helped them already. You’re good folks, you are.

Sending some of my extra love to you all,

Deine Hipster Hausfrau


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