Friends are Special

The Little Ladies. Way more hugging than shoving today (full disclosure: it can go either way).

The Little Ladies. Way more hugging than shoving today (full disclosure: it can go either way).

Das Big Boy has a song from school to the tune of Frère Jacques. It goes:

Friends are special, friends are special.
Yes they are. Yes they are.
We take turns when talking. We take turns when talking.
We need friends. We need friends.

Not so sure about the third line, especially as it applies to me and Rocky and me and ‘Burban Bestie. (I’m still waiting for one of us to finish a story without getting side-tracked.)

But the fourth line is spot on. Friends are coming up big for me today. It was a great morning, during which Rocky and I took the little ladies and Das Big Boy to Jam Time, an indoor playspace that our kids adore. She let me vent/confess about my recent short fuse which has gotten Das Big Boy and me into what I must admit is a mutual tantrum cycle. I’m trying to be better. I’m even–gasp–reading parenting books (something I don’t do). But I’m definitely someone who doesn’t want to be a yeller who has done some yelling recently.

Sibling love/tackle.

Sibling love/tackle.

Anyway, probably thanks to our fun morning, it was a good day. But it somehow became a crummy evening. I should know better than to attempt an evening errand followed by an organized craft project, but I did. We actually got through that, but dinner time descended into grumpy town. I yelled, and Das Big Boy scratched the wall to deliberately make me mad, which was ear-splitting, but also struck me as clever. And maybe scary.

Anyway, we ultimately made up. I apologized (I think it’s good to let your kids know if your behavior has been less than ideal. Shows room for growth, or self-awareness, or something.) And he’s very good at apologizing for behavior, too. A few extra snuggles at bedtime seems to have sorted it.

And now ‘Burban Bestie is coming over for wine gab, which always recenters me. So I’ll unwind a bit and be fresh for tomorrow (because, oh yeah, Herr Husband is gone until Friday after bedtime). Send me some zen mama vibes, please!


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