We’ve all internalized enough Oprah to know that one of the best ways to feel happy is to practice gratitude. Appropriate in light of tomorrow, obviously, when I’ll probably write a quick post from the car with pics of my kids at Thanksgiving.

Family bliss.

Family bliss.

So tonight, I’ll try listing some things from today that made me grateful. Please note that I tried to teach Das Big Boy the concept of gratitude. I told him I was grateful for him, his daddy, and his sister, then asked what he was grateful for, explaining that he feels grateful for the things he’s really glad he has.

“I’m grateful for my trucks,” he told me.

“That’s definitely true,” I said. “What are some other things or people you’re really glad are in your life?”

“Mommy,” he said. Good boy.

“And…” I prompted.

“And Daddy and [Little Liebchen].”

“Those are wonderful things to be grateful for,” I told him.

So my list from today:

I’m so incredibly grateful for all the positive feedback I received on my Ferguson post. Thank you all. It feels good knowing that so many people from so many different facets of my life are on the same side. Gives me the tiniest sliver of hope.

LL at school, beloved bubble in her hair.

LL at school, beloved bubble in her hair.

I’m grateful that my parents watched Das Big Boy this morning so I could take Little Liebchen to our adorable parent/child class, where she sits as close as possible to the teacher and hangs on her every word, except when she’s trying to get me or one of the kids to play chase.

I’m grateful that today I had lunch with my kids, parents, and 101-year-old grandmother.

I’m grateful that Mo [college roommate bestie] came over this evening, and embraced her role as beloved auntie to my children. I’m glad Das Big Boy crawled into her lap as if she were here every day, ate a TURKEY (not beef) hot dog for her at dinner, and even let her wash his hair. I’m glad LL decided Mo wasn’t a babysitter and flirted shamelessly with her. I’m so grateful that Mo fits right into our family even though she lives 3000 miles away.

I’m grateful that Herr Husband manned the fort so Mo and I could go to dinner at The Farmhouse (of course) and talk about work, life, kids, men, communication styles, dietary restrictions, and high-waisted jeans (Hers looked amazing! Look for some on me ASAP!).

I’m grateful for family and friends, for good food and shelter, for health and healthcare, for passions like social justice and literature and frivolities like fashion, for growing older and wiser but for still feeling like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing some of the time. For this tiny patch of the universe on which I can spew my thoughts, both silly and profound. And for wine. Especially that Montepulciano from dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Let’s keep putting that love and gratitude out into the world. With a little bit of that fight, too.


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