Packing Up

I’m taking a quick break from packing for our weekend away to say hello, dear reader. We’re going to visit the Huxtables–two of our best friends from college, so named because he’s a doctor and she’s a lawyer–and couldn’t be more excited. The Huxtables may need rebranding now that Bill Cosby has turned out to be a creepy rapist. That doesn’t necessarily do nice things to my childhood.

Anyway, our Huxtables live in Baltimore, and we’ll be flying with the kiddos for the first time in almost a year, and for Little Liebchen’s last time as a lap infant. Who knows how they’ll do on the flight? Das Big Boy should be fine, especially because he can watch this on repeat:

He also has nerd apps on an iPad (his OT introduced Write My Name and I Write Words for working on letter formation, and he loves them.) I’ll pack his favorite Cars characters, some small new surprises, the books that are hot right now (A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Road Hog, George and Martha, Dig) and he should be good to go. It’s harder to predict LL’s behavior. Last time around, I could just shove a boob in her mouth and she’d nod off to sleep. But she’s big now, and likely to shout “I want more boob milk!” or “I want da other boob!” which could be a bit much. I’m not opposed to publicly nursing a twenty-two month old, so yes, boobs are on the table (remember that game from high school and college? It was a favorite! Now that I’ve been pregnant or nursing since early 2010, pretty sure I don’t have to lean down as far to get them there). But I hope to see what other tricks work with her. She likes to color, so I’ll have art stuff, stickers, and a few new toys. But let’s be honest, a squirmy toddler in your lap just isn’t that comfortable. Let’s hope she doesn’t get all shrieky and kicky. If she does, I’m so buying drinks for the people near me and especially the people that are me.

Maybe they shouldn't introduce Rudy to wrestling right away...

Maybe they shouldn’t introduce Rudy to wrestling right away…

Once we’re in Baltimore, the weekend will be a melange of cute kids, gabbing, overeating, lazing around, ambling, fun kid activities, board games, and wine. I’ll update you to let you know if it actually unfolds as I envision it, or if the Husband Hausfraus torture poor Rudy with synchronized toy snatching.


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