Cop Out (Again)

Me in college. Spring break, senior year. I am not pregnant.

Me in college. Spring break, senior year. I am not pregnant.

Herr Husband has just returned from yet another business trip, and I spent all of my writing energy on a Facebook post railing against the Greek system at Dartmouth to my frat-guy pals. You know things are going to go well when you use the phrase “white male privilege” with successful white men.

All of this is to say I’m tired, especially after last night’s post. So you’re not getting much out of me today. I didn’t even take pictures of my kids.

We did make a monumental decision to remove Das Big Boy from one of his two preschools. It’s the child-centered one that I love so much, but he was overwhelmed by attending two schools, and the structure, music, and nerdy content of the public school (where he can also get speech/social supports) clearly speak to him. Just another reminder that it’s not our philosophies that matter when we’re parenting, it’s our children. I wonder how many times I’ll have to relearn that (said the vegetarian who feeds her kid fourteen hot dogs a week). I’m sad, of course. I love the directors. I love his teacher from last year who helped him learn to like school and his teacher from this year who bent forwards, sideways, and backwards to get him more excited about participating. But I know he got a lot out of being there, and that this is the right move for him now.

Thanks for all of the love on yesterday’s post, guys. It means a lot. Love you all.


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