Glimpses of Adorableness

Das Big Boy learned about the notion of toadstools today, and the results were predictably hilarious. We got about an hour and a half of fun out of the concept. First we made moon sand mushrooms that we discovered were toadstools, and then he fed me mushrooms that were secretly toadstools. Finally, I pretended to be his three favorite doctors at their pediatrician’s practice, who were giving him the antidote to the toadstools. Only each time I was actually a witch who was giving him yet another toadstool. It was pretty high concept.

Tonight the kids and I went to dinner with Gigi. While we waited for our table, we went to the toy store, where Little Liebchen loaded every baby bottle in the store into a mini shopping cart. If we tried to stop her, she said things like, “”I want the cart,” and “No. I shop.” But finally, I got her to say and do, “Clean up juice.”

Toddler hoarding cracks me up.

Toddler hoarding cracks me up.


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