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Adorable snuggling. That's why you read Hipster Hausfrau.

Adorable snuggling. That’s why you read Hipster Hausfrau.

Big news from over here at Hipster Hausfrau. I have a new writing gig! I’m doing book reviews for a new new-mom website. It’s called postmodyrn, and it’s for mothers in the “fourth trimester,” or the first six months of their babies’ lives.

My first review is a recommendation, really, of one of my all-time favorite books: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It’s not a mom book, per se, but I’d say it’s about the task of becoming more fully human, which is something new moms are figuring out how to do in a new way.

So check out my review (Please! I promise it’s fun). And check out the rest of postmodyrn, too. It’s a great site, with lots of fun content on life, health, design, and style. Share it with any new moms that you know! It’s smart and helpful and stylish and not at all didactic. (Meaning you’ll have to keep coming here for smugsbyness about extended breastfeeding).

More about postmodyrn, from postmodyrn:

A lot (by which we mean most) of the messaging around the first few months postpartum revolves around a small number of themes: weight loss, depression, and “getting back” — back into your skinny jeans, back to work, back in the groove.  But we at postmodyrn don’t want to talk about getting back!  We believe that having a baby is the start of something new, and we would much rather focus on who you are becoming than who you were: a person who is moving forward in the world with a changed perspective, new priorities and passions and fears, and so much possibility.  We believe in embracing, or at least accepting, the reality of parenthood, in all its majesty (the love!) and mundacity (the spit-up!).

Hope you enjoy!


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