Things to do instead of reading a lengthy post from me

Good evening.

I suppose you could watch election returns, but that would probably be depressing.

You could write a thank you note for DBB’s birthday. I am drowning in those things. If you gave him a birthday gift, please know that he loves it! Seriously, like every single one. But I am a slow note writer and I am so sorry.

You could drink Rioja.

You could sit here wishing just a little bit that the Benadryl the pediatrician recommended today would make DBB fall asleep before 10. So far, he’s singing Thomas the Tank Engine and the Skeleton Dance (two separate songs, unfortunately) in his bed.

But really, what you should do is watch this documentary on ESPN . It’s about El Duque, the amazing former pitcher from Cuba–yes, a Yankee, but a great guy by all accounts–and “Brothers in Exile” tells the story of his and his brother’s journey from Cuba to the MLB.

It’s supposed to be amazing and I’m going to watch it while drinking Rioja. And possibly listening to Thomas the Tank Engine and the Skeleton Dance, perhaps as a medley this time.


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