Personal Best

Tonight Herr Husband and I went on a bowling double date with Rocky and the Landlord.

All you need to know is that:

1) I’m blogging from the car on the ride home.

2) Rocky is an alarmingly good bowler. Like, if they still showed bowling on channel 38 on Saturday morning, she would be the star.

3) We bowled boys vs. girls.

4) Girls won all three games. And Rocky smoked us all.

5) I came in 2nd in two of the three games, including one in which I bowled a lifetime high 119. My total for all three games was 310. I am never this good at bowling.

Here are some photos and a tiny video of our fun. The tiny video was supposed to be a photo but sometimes we you get the phone settings wrong.

Isn’t it nice to know that as parenthood goes on you can do fun things like go drinky bowling with your dear pals on a Thursday?



In happier times, before the drubbing began.


The victors.


First strike (of several) in a decade.


High five!


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