Ice cream walk with sister and cupcakes with grandparents and Daddy and sister and a party with a moose.
A visit from mom at school and a book and making spiders and trying very hard to stay still and pay attention rather than whirling like a dervish and being mostly successful and then having your teacher bust out the instruments you love for a parade. And then all of your favorite books and songs. And rolling around on the floor and running around the room singing the clean up song but not actually cleaning up.
And then home for fun times with new toys: Light Bright and a marble run. And then the aforementioned ice cream walk, etc. A pretty great day for four.

Feeling proud and nostalgic and a little bit sad and very much in love with my little dude. We call him a miracle, but a miracle sounds like a freebie. Sure, there was luck. But there was way more hard work, from his nurses and doctors and parents and grandparents and therapists and teachers and most of all from him! Every day he amazes.

My goal, people, is to post once a day between now and Feb 11, Das Big Boy’s NICU release date, so I can remember just how fucking long it was. Not sure what the point of said exercise is. Gratitude or discipline or something. We’ll see how it goes. Lots of photos to share tonight, but no formatting or captions because I’m posting from my phone which doesn’t bode all that well for my posting goals. But enjoy nonetheless!










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