Some Wonderful Things You Should Probably Know

1) Today, I got to see one of my oldest and dearest friends and her brood of three beautiful boys. She is as warm and luminous and brilliant and gorgeous as ever, and seeing her nurture her flock is just a delight.

2) Das Big Boy ate three pieces of pizza for dinner tonight, and two bites of a fourth. Remember when he couldn’t eat and had a g-tube? Rejoice, parents of tubies. It (often) gets better. (Or not. And that’s ok, too. Whatever your kid needs, s/he needs…) But seriously. That’s more pizza than I ate (by two bites, but still).


PB Kids chairs courtesy of the Huxtables. So cute. The first French Horn from the BSO stopped to admire them and vowed to get them for her kids.

3) We went to Tanglewood over the weekend, stayed at a wonderful house via Airbnb, and had a fantastic time at the concert. Highly recommend for localish folk. Kids are free (literally–no charge for the under-17 set) to frolic, scenery is beyond idyllic, and the music is of course top-notch. DBB and LL enjoyed the music and the picnic, and we enjoyed those things and the rosé.

sibling love

Road trip sibling love. Sigh…

4) Father of the year. Laughs of the year. Chimp of the year.


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