I Am Having So Much Fun in Publisher’s Weekly


I am having so much fun in the Berkshires getting my book signed by sassy, luminous, fiercely brilliant writer (and fun, badass mama) Courtney Maum.

No, I didn’t finish my book. Or books. Not the one about my grandmother the Nazi resisting teenage artist. Nor the one about the elementary school girl who has a big secret. Nor the collection of hilarious and poignant parenting essays. Nor the novel about friends navigating their thirties as their shit gets real.

But I did make it into Publisher’s Weekly (from whence this photo–their photo of the day–was taken)! A hundred years ago, if Courtney had been my boss’s writer, it would have been my job to cull this clip (Actually, my stint as a book publicist was so long ago that there was no PW daily newsletter and I actually clipped the clips and got yelled at if I taped them down in a crooked fashion before photocopying them).  Look how far I’ve come. Sort of. Today I uttered the sentence “I’m mad because Grandpa’s clothes won’t come off” to empathize with LL so she wouldn’t pitch a wingding at the library because she couldn’t undress a Melissa and Doug old man dollhouse doll. Which means either I’ve come a long way and my life is awesome or I’ve entered some creepy, sad bizarro dimension.  Your pick.

Read me!

Read me!

Anyway, I did get into PW and I am famous and that shirt is the only thing I kept from my most recent Stitch Fix and most importantly you should read I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, not just because I clearly enjoy basking in Courtney’s reflected glow, but because it is a witty, honest, sad, steamy, and heartwarming novel that deeply questions art and love. And if you don’t believe me, listen to The Today Show. But don’t look for me there. At least not yet.


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