Brief Miscellany

Here’s a Lil someone thinking story time is all for her. 20140418-095934.jpg

This someone also has maybe ten words, one of which is poop and one of which is boob. Maybe I need to talk about a wider range of stuff.

Like everyone else his age, Das Big Boy is obsessed with Frozen. Unlike everyone else, his favorite song is the “Ice song,” which opens the movie.

This weekend the four of us are crashing Mo’s Provincetown writing retreat. That’s how you know a bestie: she’s excited for your family to come dye eggs and do an egg hunt and probably have wingdings and smear boogies all over her quiet time.

Here is a two-second video of Das Big Boy watering the flower he planted at school. Please note my creepy voice as I praise his efforts.

Still adorable, in spite of my efforts.

Happy Friday!


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