Nature Versus Nurture

The good news is that the poop-dome is over. The better news is that we leave for St. Thomas on Thursday (and are staying at a Boston airport hotel tomorrow night, so in a way vacation starts tomorrow).

As Das Big Boy began feeling better, he started intoning a phrase he almost never utters: I’m hungry. Saturday morning he asked for donuts, and because we were happy to see him willing to eat (by which I mean because we wanted donuts), we obliged. So he had donuts for breakfast. Our pediatrician had suggested following the BRAT diet (Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) to help the kiddos’ GI tracts. But Das Big Boy doesn’t really believe in those foods (he’ll eat applesauce and a few bites of toast). He seemed more keen on the DA-BRAT diet (Donuts, Abstaining from Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast).

Sunday I received the following texts from Herr Husband:

text convo

And then, come dinnertime, Das Big Boy began whining that he didn’t want dinner. “I don’t want a hot dog!” he hooted, “I hate hot dogs.” (Hot dogs are among his favorite foods. Also, he’s really into hating these days. A lot of parents might not be into that, but I love that he’s expressing himself!)

“I want donuts! Please!” He shouted.

“Sweet pea, eat hot dog and then you can have donut,” I started to say from the dining room where I was setting the table. I walked back into the kitchen to see Das Big Boy munching on a chocolate donut.

“Sorry,” said Herr Husband, “I’m just so glad he’s eating.”

“You are a terrible father,” I laughed. “He’s had donuts for three meals today.”

“Reminds me of someone else I know,” said Herr Husband.

It’s true. We may never know whether nurture (Herr Husband’s permissiveness) or nature (my own terrible eating habits) are to blame for Das Big Boy’s donutfest.

That’s all. Except that Das Big Boy woke up at four this morning because he was hungry. And never went back to sleep. So we taught him a lesson by buying more donuts. And I ate two of them.

Finally, there is this cuteness. Please excuse my bragging. And my singing.


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