Que Dulce es la Vida (y la Leche)

You’ve probably been wondering: “Where the heck are you, HH? Are you on another year-long blogging hiatus?”


Why yes, that is my baby devouring nachos. I’m not sure this is what the baby-led weaning people had in mind.


We’ve had a delightful visit with cousins visiting from Argentina. There was lots of eating and mate drinking and chatting and playing. Das Big Boy fell completely in love with said cousins, who will be called Piloto, because he is a pilot for Aerolineas Argentinas, and Profesora, because she is a professor (my names might be getting weaker. Maybe because it’s late and I am chronically underslept). “Piloto comes, too,” said DBB as we were leaving for school on Thursday. So Piloto kindly accompanied us to school drop-off. And then they made him a pooplo (now correctly pronounced as pulpo) out of yarn. And since then it’s been all about Piloto and Profesora. They’re leaving early tomorrow morning and I’m pretty sure DBB is going to be devastated. How old do you think our kids will have to be before the flight to Buenos Aires stops being criminally insane?

But I know you’re DYING to know who won the raffle for the signed copy of The Emperor’s Blades.

Interestingly, there was exactly one entrant who wasn’t previously known to me, and he happened to be the only entrant who was male.


That adorable apron is finally getting some use!

He won. This might mean rafflecopter fears charges of nepotism. It might mean it’s sexist. But it definitely means that Collin Kelly is a lucky guy! We’ve emailed and I can assure you that he is a delightful friend of Mo and her Bro, and clearly very deserving of this awesome prize.

Finally, you should know that every time you mention the word dance or play music, LL dances by pumping her little arms in a frat-guy-dancing-to-hip-hop way. I have tried to catch this on video but she goes all coy when the camera comes out. In addition, she shares her brother’s appreciation for MC Hammer. That’s my girl.

Buenas noches!


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