Happy birthday, Lil Liebchen!

I can’t believe we’ve had this little one for a year already! She’s an easygoing sweet pea (until she isn’t–then, watch out!). She loves her brother more than anything, sucks her pinky and ring fingers on her right hand, and has a throaty chortle that makes me laugh every time I hear it. She devours bacon and pieces of lint. She calls me Mama, Herr Husband Dada, and her brother Teh-teh. Her other word is Beh-beh, for her baby doll, although she’s said kitty, all done, and a few other random things once each. Oh, and she says yum continually when she’s eating something she likes. She can stand for up to fifteen seconds, but hasn’t yet taken her first steps. She loves playing chase and thinks it’s hilarious when we crawl after her. She’s a great climber, a great kisser, and a good sleeper (after ten months of non-philosophical co-sleeping she required no “training” to sleep by herself in her crib; when she was ready, she was ready). She loves patty cake, peek-a-boo, and honking our noses. She dances by standing up on her knees, bouncing, and raising her arms in the air while she squeals. As I tell her daily, she’s my favorite girl in the world.

Katja's birth

I had to crop my boob out of this photo. Last year when I posted it, I almost missed my alarmingly large and dark nipple (blame the post-birth haze). Please note how adorable Lil Liebchen is, and the huge dent in her nose.


No boob here, even though Lil Liebchen is still nursing, a fact of which I am proud. So there. Also, she is REALLY cute now. And occasionally you can still see a tiny dent in her nose. But my favorite thing is how her nose gets squashy when she smiles.


Enough of the paparazzi, she says! I know I’m adorable and silly!


Yup, my bib says Das Big Boy. It’s my birthday, and I have to wear a bib with my brother’s name on it. I am SUCH a second child. (Hipster Hausfrau’s defense: it’s the maximum coverage bib in this house. Plus, you totally got me back by breaking a piece of our wedding china. On which I had foolishly served you cake.)


Herr Husband and Das Big Boy made delicious cream cheese frosting and applied it to my cake-from-a-mix. It was YUM!


She was a big fan of said cake.


Really big fan.


Two-fisting. She also does this with bacon. I don’t mean to brag, but she is a baby genius.


She was a very skillful present-opener, too. Perhaps the recent practice at Christmas helped. Das Big Boy was also more than willing to assist.


La Gigi and Das Big Boy celebrate Lil Liebchen’s birthday.

La Gigi came over to celebrate and we ate pizza and cake and opened presents. It was glorious.

Das Big Boy often gets the credit around here as the miracle baby, whereas Lil Liebchen gets called the take-home baby (which makes her sound like she came from Food Wall, my favorite Chinese carryout ever). But the truth is, they’re both miracle babies. Not just because Lil Liebchen required three months of aggressive lying around to remain inside the fleabag motel that is my uterus, but because sick or well, both went from being sweet smelling blobs of milk-drinking sleep destruction to becoming their own tiny people with thoughts and opinions and feelings and quirks and love. And even a little bit of hair.

Happy birthday, Lil Liebchen!


One Comment on “Happy birthday, Lil Liebchen!”

  1. Gigi says:

    I had such a fun time last night! And the cake was, indeed, deelicious! My big laugh of the evening was DBB’s comment after he “helped” her unwrap her toy. He shouted, “It’s JUST what I WANTED!” Also, you too called me Mama. That is after you were convinced by me that my name was not cup! I swear I have heard her say Gigi. Great photo of DBB & me!
    XOXXO Gigi

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