Grasshopper Update

If you haven’t read this post about our organic Christmas tree and resultant grasshopper infestation, you need to do so in order to fully appreciate these photos :

1-2 grasshoppers

La Gigi researched the grasshopper diet and learned that lettuce would suffice. So we captured them in a shoebox and gave them some Romaine (organic, of course).  We appear to have twelve, which is neither thousands nor eleven, as previously stated.

1-2 T grasshoppers

Das Big Boy is fascinated by his new pets. “I give them a kiss!” he announced. We convinced him that blowing them a kiss was good enough.


One Comment on “Grasshopper Update”

  1. Gigi says:

    I am blowing him a kiss now with the promise that the next time I see him I will give him a REAL kiss!! XOXXO G

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