Hospital Update

Hello, Loyal Readers,

Thank you for your kind words of support and good thoughts. Keep ’em coming please.

We are still in the hospital en famile. Both kids are on oxygen at the moment. Das Big Boy at night, and Little Liebchen newly so without a clear timeframe. If you’ve read early posts here, it’s obvious that this breaks my heart, terrifies me, and gives me some pretty awful flashbacks.

Das Big Boy seems to slowly be getting better, whereas Little Liebchen held out doing great for a while and is now finally showing the symptoms of a newborn with RSV. She’s still getting worse (in that she now needs o2 support and is working hard to breathe) and I’m not sure how much worse she’ll get, which is scary.

We’ll get them healthy eventually, I hope. Not sure when. But I just want my poor babies to feel better. And to stop scaring me.

Again, we’ll take your good thoughts, positive vibes, white light, prayers, or good energy. We’re not picky, but we are a bit greedy right now, so send ’em on over!


7 Comments on “Hospital Update”

  1. Prayers and Positive thought for your babies!

  2. christine says:

    Prayers for those beautiful babes!

  3. Lauda says:

    sending warm hugs, orbs of healing, vibrations of positivity, and a rainbow of smiles to you all. thinking of you. mwah.

  4. Dana Varzan Parker says:

    Leda, I am thinking of you and sending the little ones all our love and positive thoughts. Stay strong.

  5. Annmarie Fennelly says:

    So sorry Leda, so stressful. We are sending prayers and good vibes!

  6. Jax Mully says:

    Sending love and light and positive thoughts for a quick recovery for everyone!

  7. lisa says:

    Darling Mama Bear, Sending all my mamabear, nanabear, auntiebear, godmotherbear and grizzlybear power to you and yours. Please sleep when you can, remember to eat, and most important of all.. Breath in and Out. All my love and express mail to GOD … xo Lisa

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