There, now I feel better.

Yes, both of my children have RSV, and are being admitted to Children’s Hospital. Little Liebchen had mild symptoms, but is young enough that it could be dangerous. Das Big Boy is having pretty intense symptoms, and will need breathing treatments and possibly oxygen. But superhero pulmonologist feels it’s just a speed bump for him.

I hate seeing my babies sick, and I hate the all encompassing worry that their illness brings. Das Big Boy hasn’t ever been sick like this (NICU excepted, obvs). He’s lethargic and miserable. It breaks my heart. But I’m glad they’re being treated. And they get to share a room so the family can stay together.

Also, it’s my 35th birthday and even though it’s not about me I still feel a little sorry for myself. So there.

Here are my poor babies. Please send many good thoughts their way.




9 Comments on “RSV”

  1. Eric Senecal says:

    So many good thoughts, Leda. Your babies are beautiful.

  2. aint3113 says:

    RSV = Really Shitty Virus and makes for a really shitty birthday party. Sending healthy thoughts to both!

  3. Lauda says:

    oh man das familia! so so sorry to read this. sending healing vibes up north to both the wee ones. and you do get to feel sorry for yourself. a very crappy intro to 35. fingers and toes and paws (chewy’s) are crossed they’re doing better tomorrow. can’t imagine the stress 😦

  4. Kate says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope they’ll feel better soon. My prayers are with you.

  5. noriel says:

    Praying those ‘hiccups’ be over soon …. so that the regular rhythm of life goes on smoothly…

  6. Jax Mully says:

    Yuk. Not cool, at all. Hope everyone is feeling better very soon. And I hope you get a chance to celebrate your birthday, even if it is a little late…

  7. […] This beats the hell out of my last birthday. […]

  8. […] gift, it’s just not going to be that interesting. He still conflates his NICU time with the time he and Little Liebchen were hospitalized with RSV. (“That’s when I watched Grover and […]

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