Happy Due Date, Little Liebchen!


That’s 7 pounds 11 ounces of happy baby! She’s still kind of a sleepyhead, except for when she wants to eat, which is all the time. Like her brother, she’s a master of schlafessen, such that after she’s hooted her way onto the boob, she likes to pass out and keep eating. A million facial expressions pass over her face as she sleeps. When she’s awake, she often appears surprised, or perturbed, and occasionally amused.

Das Big Boy is adjusting quite well at this point, but perhaps that’s because with all the sleeping she does and with two parents around, he’s getting as much attention as ever. Sadly, he has a terrible cold, featuring a 102.6 degree fever, faucet nose, a goopy sounding cough that inspires occasional barfing, and a total loss of appetite. Sigh.  But he’s being a cheerful trooper about the whole thing.

Here he is enjoying the cat door to the basement by flinging letters of the alphabet through it:


Das Big Boy’s illness aside, life is good.



2 Comments on “Happy Due Date, Little Liebchen!”

  1. Lauda says:

    you sure DBB isn’t trying to escape? 😉 happy birthday to both you and LL!

  2. saifsmom2012 says:

    Congrats on the new addition

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