Home, Sweet Home, Take Two.

1-10 trikeLittle Liebchen (gracias a Lauda for this new name, which I am liking!), back to her pale little self, was discharged this morning at 11:00 and we returned home triumphantly! Actually, we returned home in a car with a crying newborn and a crying toddler, but it was a delicious taste of normal life with two kiddos.

1-10 llThanks to Nanny Sunshine’s help, we got to have a low-key day around the Husband Hausfrau Haus. Highlights included a tricycle ride for Das Big Boy with Herr Husband manning the trike bar and me wearing Little Liebchen (LL). It was a day of near constant nursing, and a much needed nap for me. Thanks, Herr Husband!

Life is good. Sleepy and hectic, but good.


2 Comments on “Home, Sweet Home, Take Two.”

  1. christine says:

    Oh she’s beautiful!

  2. Lauda says:

    LL is the sweetest little sweet pea! (loving the green theme)

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