Fast and Soon

Greetings! I’ve just returned from the OB’s office. First of all, my blood pressure was a downright sexy 120/80, my weight gain was deemed perfect (despite the fact that I am now up 36 lbs this pregnancy), and my pee protein free!

Das Big Boy on a library date with Nanny Sunshine. She took him out so I could nap, then I took a bath while he ate lunch. Hence, low BP for me. Thanks, NS!

Das Big Boy on a library date with Nanny Sunshine. She took him out so I could nap, then I took a bath while he ate lunch. Hence, low BP for me. Thanks, NS!

We started with a love fest about my being at 36.1. “What an amazing outcome,” she said. “You’ve come SO far.” I shared my birth plan with her, which made me a bit nervous, oddly enough. I don’t like to seem demanding. But my doctor was happy to see it and talk through it and thought it all seemed straightforward. The upshot of it is: I’m going see how it goes doing this drug free, so don’t tempt me by asking about drugs. I am very good at asking for them if I want them. (Dear reader: you can call me crazy and we can discuss my desire for a drug-free birth in another post). Also, docs, please give me my kid immediately so we can bond ‘n boob.

We went over labor stuff: call if your water breaks or you bleed a lot or the baby seems lazy. Come in when your contractions are five minutes apart. I told her about my birth story with Das Big Boy. “So maybe more like eight minutes apart.”

Then my doctor checked my cervix. “Oh,” she said, “huh.” Even though she looked smiley rather than concerned, these are not things you love hearing when someone’s hand is in your vagina. “Well,” she said. “You’re dilated to 3 centimeters, you’re 80% effaced, and the baby is at station -1.”

“Wow,” I said.

“I’m surprised. I don’t know why, given your history,” she said. “Well, this is really exciting! But let’s change that: come to the hospital when your contractions are even ten or twelve minutes apart. Just come in. Don’t wait. I think you’re going to go fast. Soon, and fast.” When I looked worried, she reassured me, “It’s fine for you to have this baby now.”

“I’m so excited for you!” she said again.

So, we might not make it to 37. Of course, we might. Some people walk around at a 3 or a 4 for weeks. But most of those people don’t have my cervix.  We’ll just have to see! But my doc’s positive attitude and enthusiasm about it all have made the baby feel more real, and more imminent, than anything else. I left feeling a bit giddy, frankly.


2 Comments on “Fast and Soon”

  1. Lauda says:

    yay! and no matter what you know it’s fine for you to have your baby now! and THAT is such a relief! i’m excited for you too 🙂 yay!

  2. aint3113 says:

    It is exciting! I’d love to see you make 37, or if I can get greedy 39 – but really, look how far you have come! Did you ever imagine 36+ weeks. I’m going to be checking my google reader non-stop now. Wishing you a healthy, safe delivery and fast bond and boob time.

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