Hausfrau Alert!

Be warned: tonight, I’m going to blog about cookware.

Cuisnart's GreenGourmet. Glam, huh?

Cuisnart’s GreenGourmet. Glam, huh?

Yes, Herr Husband and I bought new cookware, and we’re both really excited about it. The quest for new cookware began a while ago, when Herr Husband pointed out that our pots (fancy Calphalon wedding stuff, mind you), was chipping. “It’s fine!” I countered. But then last week, a friend mentioned the evils of Teflon, and I started thinking about our pans again. Were they coated in Teflon?

A few days later, Herr Husband confessed that this renewed his worry about our cookery. This time, I was in 100% agreement.

So I reached out to A Green Slate and asked what kinds of pans I should be using. A Green Slate is a fabulous consulting outfit that assesses your home for toxins and helps you find ways to limit them. They help make substantive changes that fit into your lifestyle without costing you a fortune. And they’re reasonable and nice about it; they’re not going to make you feel like monstermom if you choose to stick with some plastic sippies.

Which is important. Because on the one hand, I really want to reduce my family’s, and especially Das Big Boy’s, exposure to evil things. After all, he’s had to fight through enough. But at the same time, before he was born, I thought I was going to cloth diaper and make my own organic baby food and never bottle feed. My life didn’t work out that way. I had to pump (through probably toxic plastic) and bottle feed my son that way. He wouldn’t eat much, but anything I made disgusted him doubly. Sweet potatoes from a jar? Delicious. Sweet potatoes I spent hours preparing? Vomit. So while I believe strongly in trying to protect ourselves from toxins, I also totally realize that not every healthy thing is going to be the right choice for every family. We shouldn’t let this sort of stuff make us feel guilty or become judging material for the mommy Olympics that some people would have you think are going on every moment of every day.

Das Big Boy was obviously impressed. Hope those toxicity assessments were accurate, given that he wants to huff the saucepan.

Das Big Boy was obviously impressed. Hope those toxicity assessments were accurate, given that he wants to huff the saucepan.

So I like that A Green Slate helps you figure out changes that work for you. I said I didn’t want to spend a ton, and they suggested I buy Cuisinart GreenGourmet, which was frankly a lot cheaper than my Calphalon stuff that starting falling apart after five years. (Apologies if you gave me the Calphalon for my wedding. It was very generous of you and was exactly what I wanted. And the chipping was probably my fault for putting it in the dishwasher. Lazy me.)

We wound up buying a twelve-piece GreenGourmet set for $190, which I thought was dang good. Herr Husband and I had forgone Christmas presents for each other to save money, so we decided to treat ourselves. The set showed up two days later, and we got free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime. Herr Husband and I were giddy to unpack the box. And dinner was made–thanks, Herr Husband–on the new cookware, which performed well. It was faster to heat, actually, than our old stuff.

Ok, this post is so nauseatingly Hausfrauy that I can’t stand it! What kind of Hipster experiences can I have/blog about while on bedrest so as to counteract this trend? Where are my nonlinear Latin American novels? Where are my tarot cards? My eyeliner and big jewelry and small dresses and big boots and disheveled hair? (Last one, check.) Does anyone have a typewriter I could borrow? Maybe I could type tiny notes and have them sprinkled throughout town as a mobile art installation. Hmmm….

I could give helpful household greening tips…but then we’d be back to my original problem.

What if I just keep up my overly lax attitude towards showering?


3 Comments on “Hausfrau Alert!”

  1. dayna says:

    Awesome blog today! And i think ill even be getting some new pans!! Parenting. Huh. Lol

  2. Lauda says:

    When I saw “Alert!” I got scared your cervix gave out! Don’t scare us like that! Needless to say I was quite happy to read about your new pots and pans 🙂 I just recently got a Le Creusent pan and it is amaze.balls. And this is from a girl who is the opposite of a domestic goddess. Glad your cervix required no alert!

  3. aint3113 says:

    I totally thought you were in labor too. Glad that it was just pans and an inner hipster crisis. I had my own inner hipster crisis yesterday (we are the same age – although I have you by at least a year, the real meaning of age is lifestyle in my book, the rest is just math and I suck at math). In short, I had two kids who have been on prednisone all week and are therefore not napping and extra crabby. I posted on FB that I needed a date at a dessert and wine bar ASAP who could meet me somewhere. I got a taker but instead of the trendy new wine and dessert bar in the up and coming neighborhood, we went to Applebees (where Kettle One isn’t even an option – gasp :-)) and I was wearing the same outfit that I had worn to chase my kids around all day. As much as they took turns making each other cry, I can guarantee you there was snot somewhere on my shirt and pants. It was a great reminder that I’m no longer as cool as I like to think I am…either way, that Absolute vodka when down just fine.

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