I am now more weeks pregnant that I am years old. Barely, but let’s not harp on that point. We’ve already discussed the impossibly slim margin–one day–by which I am avoiding Advanced Maternal Age, fka, Geriatric Pregnancy. So this pregnancy has taken up about 1/52 of my life. Also, Herr Husband and I have been together for almost thirteen years (our dating anniversary is New Years Day). I have now spent 15.5 weeks of that time on hardcore bedrest, plus probably another month or so from the first trimester of Das Big Boy’s pregnancy. I think we could conservatively say that I spent 20 weeks of my life with Herr Husband on bedrest, or about 3% of our relationship, or 6% of our marriage. Wow. What a lucky guy.

Last statistical point: I am now earning a solid B+ in this pregnancy, or, if you go by full-term at 37 weeks, an A! Also, that was a lot of math and I hope I got it right but if I didn’t, there’s really no need to point it out.

After all, we encourage creative thinking around here:

That’s right. The opposite of slow is ice cream truck.


2 Comments on “35”

  1. Lauda says:

    happy happy 35th! (lovin the pjs)

  2. Jax Mully says:

    I found your blog when I was looking for other preemie moms to connect with after we got home from the hospital with our 23 weeker. I love reading your blog! You’re writing style is great and you are really funny! Thanks for sharing your story.

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