Merry Christmas

This was a photo of the two of us, with me awake and him asleep. But the chin angle was so unflattering that I cropped myself.

This was a photo of the two of us, with me awake and him asleep. But the chin angle was so unflattering that I cropped myself.

This morning, Das Big Boy decided to sleep in yet again. Until 9:30. Obviously, I know it’s awesome that I have a late snozzing toddler. (Full disclosure: he went to bed at 9 last night and typically doesn’t nap anymore). But this morning, Herr Husband and I wanted him to wake the heck up and see what Santa had brought and go on a present opening bender! Talk about role reversal.

Eventually he did awaken, and was pleased to note that Santa had consumed the milk and cookies left out for him. What Santa didn’t know was that Das Big Boy took a bite of each cookie before putting it on the plate.

Earthquake imminent.

Earthquake imminent.

At first, he seemed overwhelmed by his presents. We bought a train table for his train tracks, and added a battery powered engine that we had going when he came into the room. He was shy to approach the table at first, but quickly got into it, demanding we turn the train on! Even more quickly, he knocked over the elevated tracks, undoing the hours of work (I’m not kidding. ESA, HH and I spent an embarrassingly long time trying configure the train to include all of our desired elements).

Das Big Boy takes his pals for a ride on his new wheels.

Das Big Boy takes his pals for a ride on his new wheels.

Das Big Boy also received a tricycle, which he’s actually managed to pedal a tiny bit. He’ll tell anyone who listens, “Santa brought me a tricycle!” or “I’m on a bike!” which reminds me of the SNL skit “I’m on a Boat!” This in turn reminds me of a very different time in my life, when Herr Husband and I were part of a flotilla of business school students sailing through the Caribbean on boats and doing things like making daiquiris instead of dinner and swimming to friends’ boats for cocktail parties and having an oar stolen by an octopus. These are not things that happen to us now. But we did give Das Big Boy an octopus puppet for Christmas. “Pooplo” was obviously a big hit. And I did eat Christmas cookies for lunch.

After Christmas morning as a merry threesome, La Gigi, El Papa, and Mimi came over. That’s when the cookies for lunch came in. I also ate my weight in potato chips and onion dip. We had a lovely afternoon. Getting through the present opening was a process, because Das Big Boy wanted to play and didn’t have the sustained attention for opening, but we made it. I amused myself by giving my mother an empty box (which alerted her to a forthcoming surprise), and an openly regifted book that ESA had given me (and which I did generously hustle to finish so I could give it to my mother.) Das Big Boy was totally spoiled, as usual. It was a wonderful family afternoon.

With all of the visitors we’ve had, I’ve practically forgotten that I’m on bed rest, so surrounded have I been with friends, family, love, and activity. It’s a great feeling. Herr Husband, however, has not forgotten that I’m on bedrest, as all I do is entertain our visitors with sparkling conversation, and hang out with or occasionally feed our child. Everything else (cooking, feeding our guests, cleaning, actively parenting said child) falls to Herr Husband. So while he had an equally fun time, he might be a bit exhausted.

First Christmas.

First Christmas.

DSC_0853A final thought. I love holidays because they give us a chance to reflect. I can remember each of Das Big Boy’s Christmases vividly. His first was in the NICU, where the nurses were surprised he didn’t have a Christmas outfit. Given that in the hospital, Das Big Boy had only my last name, which is as Jewish as they come, we found it amusing that they expected him to have such attire (even though we do celebrate Xmas). Fashion faux pas aside, Das Big Boy got presents and we snuggled lots. He was still on CPAP, and had just moved to an open crib. Last Christmas, he managed to open some of his own presents, was cruising but not quite walking, and had maybe a couple of word approximations (mm for mama, and buh for book). He wore Christmas jammies in the morning and a button-down in the afternoon. He had a G-tube and was on nighttime 02. This year, he has no medical interventions or equipment, unless you count a mother on bedrest. He speaks in run-ons and has an enormous and constantly growing vocabulary (“The train rumbles on the tracks,” he informed me this morning.) He climbs on everything in sight (and both understands and actively ignores warnings that he might hurt himself). He makes jokes and is amusingly bossy. And he and his mother both wore footie pajamas all day.

Today: I'm on a bike!

Today: I’m on a bike!

Each day was magical, and they just keep getting better.


7 Comments on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Lulu says:

    you and your family are amazing… i hope to feel as excited and have the support you do of wonderful family (esp of a herr husband). i wish you all continued love and light. can’t wait to see posts about baby girl! keep truckin. you give me such hope πŸ™‚

  2. Maria Tselevich says:

    It might be a different time, but The Mighty Breaking Wind is always with you! I wish you and your growing family the very best Christmas! Good thoughts to your well behaved cervix are sent daily πŸ™‚

  3. Tatum says:

    Merry Christmas! The comparisons of your LOs Christmas needs are great. I love the idea of my son being medical equipment free and speaking in run-on sentences next year. Okay, I’m sure he’ll still have a g-tube, but a 3rd Christmas with no oxygen would be a wonderful Christmas present.

    • Leda says:

      Thanks, Tatum! Merry belated Christmas to you and your family! Here’s to being o2 free by next Christmas! And as for the G-Tube, you never know! Sounds like Owen’s made some great progress on the eating front. My son had his G-Tube for one day less than a year (It didn’t go in until he was almost 11 mos old). And when he first got it, he stopped orally eating or drinking entirely for three months. But once his pulmonary status was stable and he was off daytime o2, we started letting his hunger play a bigger role, and he got back to drinking, which we thought might take years. We still rely on lots of pureed type, goopy foods to get his calories in, and we still have a long ways to go towards making him a strong feeder (he has issues with textures and just doesn’t like to eat a lot). But we’re working on it! It seems like you’ve been able to keep feeding really positive (something we were less successful at because the tube turned him into a huge puker), and that’s the most important thing. My son’s feeding specialist used to tell me, “He won’t be going to prom with a G-Tube.” And his more optimistic (and correct!) pulmonologist used to say, “He won’t be going to nursery school with a G-Tube.” But as you’ve said on your blog, the tube is a wonderful thing because you don’t need to worry about his nutrition. The rest will come. In fits and starts, maybe, but it will come. Thanks for reading! I’m SO enjoying your blog–I’m a daily stalker now!

      • aint3113 says:

        That’s amazing to hear how quickly he came off the g-tube. I’m definitely prepared to let Owen amaze me, but I’ll except whenever it is. I definitely don’t think he’ll be going to prom with it πŸ™‚

  4. Lauda says:

    Amazing how far you all have come. Thank you for sharing your experiences/emotions with us. Merry merry holidayfuntimes πŸ™‚

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