Good Cheer

12-21 peeking in ovenIn some ways, it’s been a bit harder to get into the holiday spirit while on bed rest. Because of the move between Chez Hausfrau, home, and back again, we botched Hanukkah (plus, I couldn’t have my annual “tiny effort at honoring our Jewish heritage” Hanukkah party). True, Herr Husband, ESA, and Mo put up a lovely tree, Herr Husband has hung our stockings, and we’ve received scads of cards featuring adorable kids. Das Big Boy has even done some holiday crafts at school and home. But there’s something about not seeing the lights in the neighborhood, about not getting to take your kid to see Santa for the first time, about missing the wintry snap in the air, about doing all of one’s shopping online or by proxy, that makes it a bit harder to feel the holiday vibe.

12-21 taste cookie

Yes, Das Big Boy is EATING a cookie!

Not so today. Nanny Sunshine arrived with cookie dough, homemade icing, and decorations. She and Das Big Boy spent the morning rolling out, cutting, baking, frosting and decorating cookies. And Das Big boy was SO into it. I had wanted to engage him in a cooking project, but thought he wouldn’t attend to it for long enough. Wrong. He had a fun time with each part of the process. He selected the shapes, such that we now have Christmas ducks, teddy bears, and octopuses, known around here by their Spanish name of pulpo, or, in Das Big Boy’s case, pooplo. And somehow, these cookies, which made my house smell delicious, and were frosted and decorated by my little dude, got me into the holiday mood! Also, they’re really freaking yummy.

More holiday joy was delivered to me this week in the form of meals from Miss Mom and my old Topliff buddy. Each made delicious food and stuck around for a fun chat. And then today, I had a visit from another former student, who brought yummy chocolates, fun stories from life on the outside, and lots of good cheer. One magical aspect of teaching is that students stay in your life and grow from being bright, fun teenagers into being the fascinating grown-ups you knew they’d become.

Frosting the now traditional Christmas pulpo.

Frosting the now traditional Christmas pulpo.

So tonight I’m noticing the tree a bit more, munching on cookies, and putting on my favorite Louis Armstrong Christmas music.

The Christmas Pulpo. Sometimes it’s what you need to get into the spirit.

The fruits of their labors.

The fruits of their labors.


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