Yesterday, Das Big Boy played with the tractors at Volante Farms, one of his favorite things to do.

Yesterday, Das Big Boy played with the tractors at Volante Farms, one of his favorite things to do.

This week is a BIG one, folks. As of today, I won’t get steroids for the baby’s lungs, and they won’t try to stop labor if it happens. It’s certainly not full term, but for a preemie mama like me, it’s the week when the docs stop worrying so much.

In an attempt to have me go the full distance, I still have two weeks of progesterone shots. Our plan is to S-L-O-W-L-Y modify my bedrest between now and 37 weeks, at which point I’ll turn into a normal enormous pregnant lady. So later this week I’ll probably start sitting upright a bit more. I might even eat a holiday meal with my family at the dinner table.

In other good news, my BP was normal today! 128/82. Not my best numbers ever, certainly, but well within range. It helped that Caitlin, my fabulous NP, was the one to take it, and she takes it at the end of the appointment after we’ve talked through any concerns and  had some friendly chat time.

Seriously? Seriously.

Seriously? Seriously.

I attribute my ability to be relaxed to a conspiracy between Herr Husband and Nanny Sunshine. The night before last, I didn’t sleep well. Das Big Boy was wakeful, and then I woke up and had some contractions and tummy discomfort and felt tense all around. I finally decided to take a 3 am bath, which I think freaked out Herr Husband. When Nanny Sunshine arrived, Herr Husband told her about my night. (I think he tried to be sneaky about it, dear soul, but our house isn’t that big). So Nanny Sunshine went into super-caretaker mode. She got a list of errands out of me and then whisked Das Big Boy out of the house for three hours of errand running and fun time. Have you ever done this with a wild toddler? Not easy. She should be sainted. I managed to log over two hours of napping and felt so much better afterwards!

Also thanks to Nanny Sunshine, my holiday shopping is done! And she returned my dear and generous cousin The Red Baroness’s baby stuff to her (The Red Baroness and I are due ten days apart, both with girls–how awesome is that?!).

Isn’t it amazing how with the right elves, one can gain such a sense of accomplishment while lying on the couch? Thank you, beloved elves!


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