Toddler Tricks

Cute and blurry. That's how I make 'em.

Cute and blurry. That’s how I make ’em.

Today brought a delightful visit from the Husband grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa, as well as several hilarious moments with Das Big Boy. And the day was crowned by burritos from Anna’s Taqueria! Hooray!

As usual, I was in the shower when the grandparents Husband arrived. I have a knack for never being quite ready when they get here; even on bedrest, where all I ever do is sit on the couch, I managed to somehow not be doing that when they arrived. But I quickly settled into my spot–and hey, at least I had showered for the first time in (~mumble, mumble~) days. This was our Christmas visit, as we obviously won’t be traveling on the holiday, both because of bedrest and because being 2.5 hours away with an imminent baby is a bad idea even for normal pregnant people. Das Big Boy’s grandparents got him the Crayola Digital Light Designer, which he of course understood on an instinctive level. He kept saying, “Look at all the colors!” and then listing them, and then refusing to let anyone else hold the stylus. Not that we all could have figured out what to do with it anyway. It’s a very cool (and mess free!) art toy that was a definite hit! It was great seeing my in-laws, and I love seeing Das Big Boy play with them. He always starts off shy and winds up bossing them around by the end.

Speaking of bossing (and I wonder where he gets that trait), he also developed a new trick to do what he wants. One of our built-in china cabinets is currently empty because of the heat construction, and Das Big Boy wants to play in it, which we discourage because soon it will be filled with martini glasses again. And yes, back when I was ambulatory I several times emerged from the kitchen to the gentle tinkling (not, thankfully, of breaking) glass to find Das Big Boy holding a martini glass. What a sophisticated toddler. Maybe by practicing now he’ll be able to hold them without spilling by the time he’s of age which will put him a step ahead of his mother. Anyway, he wanted to play in the cabinet and we told him no. Repeatedly. And Herr Husband stood in front of said cabinet to block his access. So then Das Big Boy said to Herr Husband, “Daddy, go see Mommy.” Herr Husband, too smart to fall for that, said, “Ok, but you come with me.” Das Big Boy then led HH by the hand (or, on other occasions, pushed him by the butt) over to my couch, then proceeded to run like hell to get back to the cabinet before HH. He did this several times, and we laughed hysterically in between telling him no. We’re awesome parents like that.

Happily sharing half-eaten chocolate.

Happily sharing half-eaten chocolate.

His next trick involved the chocolate advent calendar, on which we’d fallen quite far behind while at Chez Hausfrau. He loves finding the numbers, opening the little doors, and now, in a stunning turn of events, even eating the chocolate. (It’s exciting when he enjoys any food, even foods that most parents forbid or limit. Again, not us, ’cause we’re awesome). We had ten nights or so to catch up on, and Das Big Boy was happily finding the numbers and opening the doors one after the other. He kept the first piece of chocolate for himself, then gave one to me. On the third, he tried to take the new chocolate for himself and give me his half-eaten one. I refused. So he turned to HH and thrust out the melty chocolate: “Daddy eat it.” For each new door he opened, this was the pattern he followed. Das Big Boy and mommy got new chocolate, and Daddy got half eaten pieces. Poor Daddy. He works so hard and is rewarded with spitty toddler chocolate. But he also ate it, so maybe his own standards were to blame.

But Herr Husband deserves a shout out, because in addition to doing everything, he still wants to do nice things for me. So tonight he hauled himself and the aforementioned toddler to Anna’s Taqueria (20-25 mins each way) to get me my favorite burrito for dinner (with a bonus burrito for tomorrow!). Amazing!

A final note: we have yet to disabuse Das Big Boy of his belief that Santa (rather than his Catholic grandparents) was responsible for his eight Hanukkah presents. Either way, it’s just the sort of multifaith mixing that we’d hoped to inspire in our kids.

Having chocolate washed off of hands, face, hair. We learned that it does make a good styling product (for those with brown hair, at least).

Having chocolate washed off of hands, face, hair. We learned that it does make a good styling product (for those with brown hair, at least).


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