A Day in the Life

Das Big Boy had an exciting day today.

First, he went to school with La Gigi and had a good day! School has been a bit of a struggle since he simultaneously switched to the drop-off group and had his mother go on bedrest. The bad days reached their apex on Thursday, when he cried the whole time and had to leave early. So today, we decided just to send him for the second half of class, which is quieter and more structured, and he did wonderfully! He brought Big Boy Owl (his favorite stuffed animal) with him, and made me a beautiful pine cone and glitter ornament. During circle time, he didn’t sing Jingle Bells (despite knowing the words) but he did shake his bells! Progress! Perhaps he wasn’t singing in protest of these vaguely Christmas activities occurring during Hanukkah.

dreidelSpeaking of Hanukkah, my Catholic mother-in-law has once again come through as the upholder of Jewish tradition. She sent Das Big Boy his eight gifts–so awesome! So far, he’s particularly smitten with two Sesame Street books. We read Nighty Night eleven times in a row today. Meanwhile, El Papa, who is actually Jewish, hasn’t retrieved the Menorah from the basement yet, but he’s been sick and we still have several nights to get it right! Bedrest has of course forced me to cancel my annual latke fry, but you can be sure that next year Das Big Boy and all his similarly mixed parentage cousins will be dreideling like champs!

Headin' for the top!

Headin’ for the top!

After school, Das Big Boy and Nanny Sunshine went to the playground. Once again, he raced right up to the enormous twisty slide, which is at least two stories high. It’s so impressive that my mom and I went down it last year by ourselves, despite the befuddled responses from onlookers. Look, they didn’t have stuff that cool when I was a kid and I didn’t want to miss out. Neither did La Gigi. So down we went. I’m glad Das Big Boy has been doing the slide under other people’s guardianship because I’d be afraid to see him do it! After enjoying the slide and some digging, Das Big Boy proceeded to find the only puddle at the playground and more or less lie down in it, so he and Nanny Sunshine returned home. When asked what he’d done at the park, he reported gleefully, “Das Big Boy got dirty!”

Protecting Big Boy Owls!

Protecting Big Boy Owls!

Next he attempted to resume his favorite game of put-Big-Boy-Owl-in-the-Microwave (this is how he treats his best friends! Yikes!). The microwave can’t be turned on, mind you (La Gigi wisely operates her toddler height microwave from a power strip). But still. So Nanny Sunshine and La Gigi devised a brilliant solution.

All of this excitement resulting in the following:

He literally fell asleep in his high chair. After eating a decent meal, it should be noted. Go, Das Big Boy, go!

He literally fell asleep in his high chair. After eating a decent meal, it should be noted. Go, Das Big Boy, go!


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