Another milestone reached! Thirty-two weeks is considered a significant achievement in terms of preemie health. Moderately premature as opposed to very premature! Everyone else feel free to celebrate with thirty-two ounces of your favorite libation. Or less. I don’t want you to die. That would ruin our virtual party.

Somehow it got very late tonight, so I don’t have much to offer beyond this photo. Look at how much Das Big Boy loves books!


We have two Frog and Toad books–every bit as delightful as when you read them as a child. The dialogue is charmingly direct, and the stories are sweet and funny. Each book has five stories, and Das Big Boy, unlike his mother, knows which stories are in each book, and can request them by title accordingly.

Today, La Gigi and Das Big Boy were going out and he was instructed to say goodbye to Mommy. “Bye-bye, Clot!,” he called. This clearly says something about how he feels about his lumpy invalid of a mother.

“No, not the clock, to Mommy,” I said. He loves the clocks at Chez Eizenberg because they require winding. He also occasionally “fronts” his Ks, pronouncing them as Ts.

“Bye-bye, Clot,” he repeated, then added, “See you soon!”


2 Comments on “32!”

  1. Lauda says:

    I give this post 32 strollers 🙂

  2. LizMorse says:

    Ha! Evelyn went through a big Frog and Toad phase this summer. We are now on to charlotte’s web, which is delightful. I forgot how pretty the writing is.

    We are so happy you are progressing so successfully.

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