Closed for Business

That’s right, blogoverse! Your cervical closure ju-ju worked! My cervix remains closed. Many thanks for all the good energy you sent my way.

Wee Mädchen measured in at 4lbs, 1oz. She remains big of head, long of limb, and skinny of body.

I like to say she takes after me.


Or this version of me, anyway.


This version, not so much.









In exciting news unrelated to my cervix, dear Mo’s mystical, beautiful, and poignant short film Tick Tock Time Emporium now has US distribution! You can watch it online at Seed&Spark, a new funding and distribution site for independent films. Watch it! You’ll thank me. And if any fellow bloggers want to get in touch with Mo about it, just let me know and I can set that up.


A modern fairy tale and brain-bendy exploration of the nature of time and how we choose to spend it, Tick Tock Time Emporium is a great movie for the whole family!

Heaps of gratitude again for all of your support! See you tomorrow, hopefully, for 32 weeks! That’ll be a B- in pregnancy!


2 Comments on “Closed for Business”

  1. Lauda says:

    yay! doing happy cervical closure dance, which looks a bit like the arms from the running man, but seated. the office version.

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