Chez Hausfrau


We have arrived at Chez Hausfrau! It was rather a lot of work (er, couch nagging) getting here and we’re all rather knackered so I’m keeping this brief, especially as my laptop is dead and I must compose from ye olde iPad.

These are photos of Das Big Boy from yesterday. He was so close to watering the plant, but opted to wash the table instead. Also, Nanny Sunshine texts me photos when they’re hanging in the kitchen so I don’t miss stuff. Amazing.

Tomorrow I see the NP at my OB’s practice. And I get a growth ultrasound. At 30 weeks, she was estimated at 3lbs 8 oz (tiny to you lay people, enormous to those of us who’ve birthed a 2 lb 5 ouncer). And I’ll be ‘fessing up about my crampiness. At least we’ll know if it’s an issue or a red herring! Wish me luck!


One Comment on “Chez Hausfrau”

  1. Lot’s of positive thoughts coming your way…

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