A Photographic Series

What could be hiding in this closet?

Today Nanny Sunshine took Das Big Boy to the pediatrician to have his illness evaluated. What a brave and wonderful soul she is. I’m pretty sure taking a coughing kid with an exceedingly complex pulmonary history to his first appointment with a new pediatrician is beyond what one is supposed to ask of a nanny, but she is awesome and thus gets stuck with crappy jobs. Unfair how that works, isn’t it?

Dr. David Greenes (of Needham Pediatrics) called me after examining Das Big Boy (which I thought was supernice of him) so we could talk through his assessment. He thought Das Big Boy’s lungs sounded pretty clear. His respiratory rate was on the high side, and his 02 saturation was just slightly off at 95-97 (I’m proud to say his baseline is now 98-100). No gold stars for the lungs, but no panic either.  Doesn’t seem like pneumonia, so that’s good. So we think it’s probably just a virus and we’ll keep an eye on it. Dr. G. suggested that, while unlikely, it could be a sinus infection, since it’s been lingering for a while, and said we could treat with antibiotics. But I think unnecessary antibiotics tend to weaken the immune system. And it’s not really screaming bacterial infection to me. So we’re going to hold off on that. Of course, since the appointment, Das Big Boy has developed a smidge of stridor with the cough. If it starts sounding croupy, we’re going to see about getting him a ‘roid shot. He remains perfectly happy, although he did just puke in his crib (a side effect of mucus face and cough when you have a sensitive gag reflex), so his dad is perhaps less happy.

Could it be?

Baby girl HH remains in utero, and I so far don’t seem to have contracted the virus that’s leveling my family. We should be grateful for that, and probably do some wood knocking, since I’m afraid that if I get a cough I’m going to cough out a baby. La Gigi is well again and will return to duty tomorrow, but poor El Papa remains sick, although he is healing.

Surprise, it’s a supercute, if ill, toddler!

We should also count ourselves lucky that Herr Husband hasn’t absconded to a tropical isle to avoid the drudgery that is maintaining our household while working hard at his job. I imagine it’s the adorableness of our child that’s keeping him here. If you’re going to puke in a bed, it’s generally a good idea to be supercute so that people will forgive you. Just ask any college student!


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