Like Flies, I Tell You

The Familie is not faring particularly well at the moment. I feel fine, you know, for someone whose blood pressure is elevated by the simple task of walking from her OB’s lobby to an exam room. And on that note, my NP appointment today went well, and didn’t even feature a manual check of my cervix–hooray! Just your typical weighing, blood pressure, peeing, measuring, heartbeat listening stuff–all of which went well (once they rechecked my BP after I’d recovered from my marathon walk). It appears, btw, that Herr Husband was right. No umbilical hernia, just extreme stretching of abdominal muscles. Yay!


Das Big Boy at the park with Nanny Sunshine on Monday.

And Herr Husband is ok, too. But La Gigi and El Papa remain sick, and Das Big Boy has decided to turn his ten-day-old toddler boogie nose into barky, juicy cough and low grade fever. These things, while probably fine, are slightly more alarming in a child with chronic lung disease. So a trip to the pediatrician may be in our future. And by our future, I mean Herr Husband’s future. I’ll offer couch moral support. I’m a bit bummed as I haven’t even met our new pediatrician yet and I want to be in on a first visit, but c’est la vie. The past few years of being constantly engaged in the medical system have made me strangely really like the medical system. Too bad I was blood-squeamish when getting myself educated; I think I would have liked being a doctor. I still fantasize about going the NP route, but another three years of school will bankrupt me and make me old, and seriously, at some point I should probably get a paying job again instead of just going to school and growing lovely humans in a shoddy environment. And there’s that book to write…

Thankfully, Nanny Sunshine is healthy (knock on wood–all of you, do some knocking!), and she’s keeping Das Big Boy–who doesn’t seem to mind being sick–entertained. Today she invented a Twister-like game by coloring a rainbow spots on big paper on the floor and having Das Big Boy step on them or put his hands on them. So cute! And then he made his stuffed animals play. Adorbs!

So, along with those long, closed cervix vibes you’ve been so generously sending, feel free to send some healing vibes to my parents and child!


One Comment on “Like Flies, I Tell You”

  1. Lauda says:

    fingers and paws are crossed in my house that your fam gets better double-quick! i could use some of those get-well vibes myself, so i’ll throw in some extra for you guys 🙂

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