Just Another Manic Monday

Today, Mo read Das Big Boy the George and Martha story, “The Tightrope.” Afterwards, Das Big Boy ran around the house with this noodle between his legs shouting, “Das Big Boy on a Tightrope.” It was awesome.

Well, as manic as things can get on the couch, anyway.

Herr Husband had to leave at dawn for a DC daytrip, which meant dumping Das Big Boy in bed with me. My fear was that if Das Big Boy were to awake in the thirty minutes between HH’s departure and Nanny Sunshine’s arrival, I wouldn’t be able to go up to his crib to rescue him. Das Big Boy is fidgety when he gets into a big bed, and by fidgety I mostly mean face-kicky. So that was fun. But he is also very cute and woke up smiling and asking for Beejer, his chimpanzee sidekick.

He had a double puke morning, unfortunately. That cold is lingering in its barky cough phase, which also means an even more sensitive gag reflex and a tummy full of mucus–ew. Nanny Sunshine had been warned when she joined our team that vomit was on the menu–ew again. (Actually, I’ve been surprised by how puke-free things have been during her time in office). But still.

Then the plumbers showed up to fix the pipe that ruptured during the efforts to unclog our kitchen sink. They made a lot of noise, which intrigued Das Big Boy, but not so much the rest of us.

At two, Mo arrived, taking over an extended La Gigi shift (fortuitously, for by the end of the day, La Gigi would be struck down by the same illness plaguing El Papa). Mo arrived bearing delicious Whole Foods dinner (pumpkin risotto!) and entertainments–an enormo box of crayons for Das Big Boy and accoutrement for him to make ornaments for the tree. This was very exciting because DBB has wanted to discuss ornaments and decorations a great deal since the tree went up. He’s also into denuding the tree, but not so much the replacing of the ornaments he’s taken down. It’s a work in progress.

Still awesome.

Mo really took one for the team (if by the team you mean my family). She fed Das Big Boy two meals (a nearly impossible feat), played the role of Beejer in the kitchen beautifully, and even changed a poopy diaper. If that’s not the work of a best friend, I don’t know what is. Not to mention she entertained me for hours on end, as she always does.

My biggest accomplishment today was diagnosing myself with an umbilical hernia. This does not mean that I have a crazy outie, but just that I have a pain above my belly button. Herr Husband says I’m not allowed to have any more medical conditions. I’m inclined to agree with him. Fortunately, even if I’m right, this one doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Baby Girl is still hanging in there. I have an appointment tomorrow with the NP at my OB’s practice. Back to regular old appointments for me! Hopefully all will be well–we’re no longer compulsively measuring my cervix, so I won’t be able to analyze every millimeter of change. I think this means fewer opportunities for anxiety. We shall see!

Sweet dreams, sweet ballerinas.


One Comment on “Just Another Manic Monday”

  1. Lauda says:

    DBB is beyond adorbs!

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