Status Quo


Das Big Boy helps pick the perfect tree. Later, when his father has set up said tree and asks how it looks, he will reply, “Green.”

The nice thing about the status quo is that sometimes it can be awesome. Like today. Yes, I spent the entirety of my day on the couch, as usual. But I spent it not having a baby while Herr Husband and Das Big Boy went out for our Christmas tree.

Then this evening, Mo and the Extra Special Agent (ESA) came over to trim the tree and entertain me and my toddler. We ate delicious (guest provided) food and gabbed all night, which is why I am late in posting.

It was a good night, and now I’ll wish you a good night.

Sweet dreams, sweet ballerinas, as Das Big Boy would say. (He loves the book Olivia Helps with Christmas, which ends with her dreaming about being a ballerina. So that’s set the standard for sweet dreaming, it would appear.)


Could the hood be any cuter?


3 Comments on “Status Quo”

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