Making the Grade


Yes, that adorable shirt has owls on it. Birthday gift from XTina. Thanks, Teens! xoxo

One of the exciting things about hitting thirty weeks is that I’ve made it through three-quarters of a pregnancy. So basically, the worst grade I can get in this pregnancy is a C. My last pregnancy was, by that standard, a D+. Now as a teacher, I know there was no grade so devastating as a D+ (Unless you were a nerd–like yours truly–and then the B+ had a similar effect). Unfortunately, the exact grade is a 69.28, which means it wouldn’t be justifiable to round it to a C-. Maybe under extreme circumstances, but very unlikely.

Now the good news is that my D+ pregnancy yielded awesome results–see photo at right. Let this offer solace to preemie moms and underperforming students everywhere!

Also, if you scale the results to a thirty-seven week pregnancy, which is technically still full-term, rather than a forty week pregnancy, then my Das Big Boy pregnancy earns a C and this pregnancy is already getting a B- (and a robust 81.5 B-, not one of those squinky 79.6 B-s). Herr Husband and I feel this improvement is evidence of the increased maturity, effort, and knowledge of the sophomore as compared to the freshman.

Or maybe, as discussed with the Drs. S, it’s that the fleabag motel known as my uterus has done some basic maintenance, and is violating fewer health codes.

Whatever it is, it’s an improvement, and I’ll take it. As I’ve said to everyone who wonders if I’m excruciatingly bored, being in bed sure beats visiting a baby in the NICU. I’d rather have more days here (on my couch) and fewer at the hospital.


2 Comments on “Making the Grade”

  1. mmmarzipan says:

    So great you’ve hit 30 weeks 🙂 Cute owl shirt too! I love owls on clothes for kids 🙂

  2. Angelina says:

    Whatever grade you get on the pregnancy, it’s pretty clear that you’re an A+ mother. And in the long run, that’s what’s matters, my love.

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